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  • BenchesStave Bench

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  • Easelseasel_001-250

    CellarArtist hand selects the finest figured wine barrel staves and re-purposes them into elegantly crafted easels. Designed with versatility in mind, these easels convert from the tall floor model, to a table or barrel top model with the twist of a brass wing nut. From fine art to event posters and maps, the sweeping lines […]

  • Signsalteredstates_002-250

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  • Tablesbistro-table-38-250

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  • Wine Barrel Coolerwine barrel ice chest

    Wine Barrel cooler made from retired wine barrel. Holds up to 60 lbs. of ice. This is a pick up only item. Shipping is not included and if required will be charged separately.     Print for later Bookmark in Browser

  • Writing Boardsstave-chalk-board-250

    We have a versatile selection of writing boards available. Many of our winery clients enjoy the old fashioned blackboard version of this writing board. The versatility of this CellarArtist design allows the writing surface to be reversed and the chalk board becomes a modern era dry erase whiteboard. Print for later Bookmark in Browser

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